Get Involved

Join the team!  Help increase public awareness of the cultural significance of Nepal’s lost sculptures.  Be a sponsor, researcher, contributor, or volunteer.

For more information about each of the opportunities below, contact artist Joy Lynn Davis directly at joylynndavis (at) yahoo (D0T) com.


We are very happy to announce that sponsorship has been received to support the exhibition at Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu April 10 – May 22, 2015.  After this exhibition, we hope to bring the exhibition to rural areas of the Kathmandu Valley in the summer of 2015.

Additional sponsorship is needed to exhibit the project internationally.

Conduct Research in the Kathmandu Valley

Opportunities are available for Nepali students and interns to assist with fieldwork, photographic documentation of sites of thefts, interviews, translation, transcription, video documentation, updating the website, and maintaining the forthcoming Facebook project page.

Volunteer at the Exhibition

Be a part of the upcoming exhibition at Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu!  Before and during the exhibition in spring 2015, volunteers can assist with details of installing the exhibition and conducting community outreach activities.

Contribute Photographs

If you or someone you know has historical photographs of stone sculptures in the Kathmandu Valley, contribute them to the database! One of the challenges in documenting lost sculptures is finding historical photographs proving what the sculptures looked like and the precise locations they were stolen from.  Photographs taken prior to 1980 are especially useful, since many thefts of stone sculptures occurred during the 1980s.

Share Stories of Lost Sculptures

Tell the world what the sculptures in your community meant to you and your family.  Share your stories and memories of the lost sculptures with the artist directly in person in Kathmandu, over email at, at the upcoming exhibition at Nepal Art Council in spring 2015, or on the Facebook forum page (forthcoming).

Spread the word!

If you are inspired or moved by this project, tell others about it!  Share it with your friends, students and family.