Additional Resources

Publications regarding the theft of stone sculptures and other cultural property from the Kathmandu Valley

Bangdel, Lain Singh. Stolen Images of Nepal, Royal Nepal Academy, 1989.

Schick, Jürgen. Die Gotter verlassen das Land: Kunstraub in Nepal, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1989.  (Published in English: The Gods are Leaving the Country:  Art Theft from Nepal, Orchid Press, 1998, 2006.)

Dixit, Kanak Mani.  “Gods in Exile,” Himal Magazine, October 1999.

Links to other resources regarding theft of items of cultural significance from the Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust and
A partial inventory of stolen carved wood elements of temples stolen from the Kathmandu Valley

Nepal Art Register
Inventory of Nepalese Stone Sculptures – currently being constructed

Huntington Archive
Digital Images of most of the stolen sculptures from Lain Singh Bangdel’s book, Stolen Images of Nepal

Blogs on the topic of art theft and restitution

Chasing Aphrodite
A blog following cases of art theft and restitution around the world

It Surfaced Down Under
A blog tracking the illicit antiquities trade in the southern hemisphere